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We put our professional pest control know-how to work to create a plan just for you. Based on the season, pest biology, and your geography, we’ll assemble the perfect box and ship it straight to your door.

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$39 application
  • Quarterly Payment Plan
  • Total of Four Kits, Sent Every Three Months
$34 application
  • Annual Payment Plan
  • Total of Four Kits, Sent Every Three Months
$49 application
  • Single Purchase Plan
  • Includes One Kit, Deliver at Time of Purchase

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Spiders     Ants      Cockroaches     Fleas     Ticks Beetles     Earwigs     Mites     100+ Others

simple. safe. effective.

It’s tough for DIYers to get their hands on pest control products that actually work. Why? Because the DIY pest control product you’d pick up from your big box store is diluted from the get-go, and as they sit on the shelf they become even less effective. Thankfully, we’ve built relationships with leading pest control manufacturers, so we make what the pros have available to you.

With Scatter you don’t have to sacrifice safety for effectiveness. Not only have we developed an application kit to easily mix your solution without the risk, but it’s also safe to use around the people and pets you care about most.

And while we love making and keeping homes pest-free, we love the planet even more. That’s why we’re committed to safe and environmentally ethical DIY pest control practices. When used as directed, Scatter provides a bug-free home that minimizes the risk of runoff or harm to our beneficial pollinators.