Are fleas a serious problem?

They sure can be! Fleas are small, wingless insects that feed on the blood of animals and people. Fleas do not normally live on humans, rather on cats, dogs and wildlife. They do however bite people who handle infested animals. Fleabites cause small, red, itchy bumps, and are most often found on the ankles and lower legs of humans. For relief from itching wash with soap and water, then apply ice.


Change pet bedding regularly. Bathe and brush pets regularly. Soap acts as a gentle insecticide and helps control light infestations on your pet. For infestations that are more significant, consider using orally applied veterinary products for flea control.

Vacuum under furniture, cushions, along walls and pet bedding. Discard vacuum cleaner bags regularly. Fleas can continue to develop inside vacuum cleaner bags and re-infest the house.Avoid flea collars as these are often impregnated with toxicants that are harmful to humans.

Exclude bats and wild birds from your home by maintaining good bug screens over air vents in your attic.

An outbreak of human fleas in the immediate area should be taken seriously. Contact professionals and ask for an IPM solution.
Trim lawns and weeds to create a drier, less inviting environment for flea larvae. Avoid piles of sand and gravel around the home for long periods. Avoid over-watering lawns.Monitor pets closely for fleas.


Scatter will be part of your flea solution, but not the whole solution. Below I will breakdown how you can use Scatter to assist in the control for fleas. I would recommend it in conjunction with another product to fully take care of a flea issue. All Scatter products will target/kill fleas, but the management technique and type of pesticide is different. DO NOT apply Scatter directly to your pet.

Clean pet beddingVacuum thoroughly any are that fleas have been noticed. This should be completed daily!

Clean any blankets, bedding, and pillow that could be susceptible to fleas. The heat during cleaning will kill the fleas, eggs, and pupae they contain. Steam cleaning floors, rugs, and carpets can also be a successful control method.

Scatter can be used to spray crack and crevice around baseboards in areas of the home that contain fleas. Fleas are very likely to hide under these baseboards for protection.

Aerosol flea products should be use for floors and carpets that contain fleas. Just a couple of many are Nyguard Plus or Alpine Bed Bug and Flea. These are safe to use as a broadcast across your floors in rooms infested with fleas.
Scatter can be used outdoor to help control and prevent fleas. You can treat high traffic areas where animals may walk or pass through in the yard. Areas with shade or tall grass may be more likely to contain fleas as animals are more likely to rest there.

For severe and persisting flea issues, professional services are recommended. See Pesticide Label for more information.