Scorpion Treatment Process

Chemicals alone are not likely to give the best results in the control of scorpions. Many still perceive “pesticides” as the magic bullet that can overcome all obstacles such as sanitation, harborage, and exclusion issues that must be addressed and corrected. Treating for scorpions is a multi-step process.


Exclusion is vital! Look for every possible crack, gap, or hole through which scorpions might move to get inside the home. Houses can be pretty porous, and there are many great openings to admit bugs and other intruders. In several areas of the United States, we share the desert with “bark” scorpions (genus Centruroides), which are quite toxic and which can climb trees and walls, so your inspection of the exterior should include a look at trees and shrubs to see if branches touch the structure, and gaps under the eaves at roofline, since the scorpions can easily climb rough stucco walls or weep holes in your brick.

If scorpions are living on a property there are reasons they are able to do so. If they are entering the structure there must be openings available to them. Changing both of these conditions can dramatically reduce the need to apply products to keep an effective residual in place. In addition, a constant exposure to insecticides is a great way to encourage a buildup of resistance by the pests to the active ingredients used.


In scorpion-infested areas, synthetic pyrethroids continue to be excellent for scorpion management, along with the other issues listed above. Microencapsulated formulations products are also an excellent choice. Product microencapsulation helps to protect the active ingredient from the intense environmental conditions, and lengthens the time the product is available. The capsules also may more easily adhere to a passing scorpion, giving a better chance to get the product onto and into the bug.

Your Scatter package contains the recommended microencapsulated active ingredient. Be sure to apply the Scatter product to the locations and in the manner described above. Scorpion control can take some time. Remain vigilant! Your efforts together with the Scatter solution will have your scorpion problem under control in no time!