Stink Bugs are Home Invaders

Stink bugs feed on a variety of hosts in the landscape. They also attack fruit trees (ornamental or otherwise). They may inflict leaf and fruit damage by feeding with their needle-like mouthparts.

Perhaps the biggest problem for homeowners is when hordes of the little stinkers seek shelter in homes and structures, similar to the behavior of the multicolored Asian lady beetle. Stink bugs don’t harm people, but can give off a very unpleasant odor when crushed or vacuumed.

Barrier exclusion is very important. Seal and caulk areas that may give access to the wall or house. If this is not completely successful and stink bugs are still entering your home, seal or caulk around baseboards, windowsills, and any points where you see them invading your castle. When vacuuming up the little devils, some people use a dedicated shop vac to avoid stinking up their household vacuum cleaners. 


Adjust or install tight-fitting sweeps or thresholds at the bottom of exterior doors. Install weather stripping around other parts of the doorframe. Seal utility openings where air conditioner pipes, phone, cable TV and other wires enter the foundation and siding. Holes can be plugged with caulk, cement, urethane foam, or copper mesh.

Caulk around windows, doors, siding and fascia boards. Keep window screens in good condition and install insect screening behind attic gable vents.


Remember, the trick with this stinky pest is to keep them from getting in by following the steps above. However… we know that even after all your work above you may get the occasional Stink bugs sneaking its way into your home! Here’s where the Scatter DIY solution will help tremendously. Using your Scatter solution and spray wand apply a fine application of product around the interior of your window frames. Those Stink bugs will be attracted to light at your window drawing them right into your treated windows quickly eliminating them from your home. Get ready for a Stink Bug free home! You are well on your way!